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Kristine Vick 0
How to operationalize business analytics

Business analytics is maturing – and so is its role in forward-thinking organizations. Once mainly used in traditional batch-type environments, it's now being embedded into real-time business decision operations and processes to create immediate and significant value. To learn more about how to operationalize business analytics, attend this brief webinar,

Pamela Prentice 0
How Alka-Seltzer taught me about analytics equilibrium

With the current interest in business analytics to help drive decision making, there is considerable discussion about the balance of intuition—good old “gut feel”—and analytics or what I like to call “analytics equilibrium.”  This was a topic of discussion at the SAS Power Series held October 11 in New York.  

Tom Davenport 0
Analytics are everywhere

We had the third episode of the SAS Power Series in New York last night. The event was very well attended—including a few meeting crashers who apparently had nothing to do with analytics, but fortunately they left early.  Jim Davis, the CMO of SAS, started the evening with a definition

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