How to operationalize business analytics


Business analytics is maturing – and so is its role in forward-thinking organizations. Once mainly used in traditional batch-type environments, it's now being embedded into real-time business decision operations and processes to create immediate and significant value.

To learn more about how to operationalize business analytics, attend this brief webinar, the first in the 2012 Applying Business Analytics Webinar Series.

Our team learned from the participants of last years' series, that attendees want to go deeper and learn more on the how to, so this years series kicks off with "How-To: Operationalize Business Analytics," which describes how to get the most punch out of business analytics by embedding it into an organizations' operations.

Included in the webinar are suggestions on how to make business analytics a part of your everyday operational processes.  You'll hear real-world examples of how business analytics have been infused in everyday business operations.

The 2012 Applying Business Analytics Webinar Series is part of the Power Series and home to more than 25 on-demand webinars, including a "101 Series" and an "Inside Perspective Series".  We invite you to take a look today!


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