SAS storyboards meetup at Predictive Analytics World


Several of us are heading out to San Francisco over the weekend for Predictive Analytics World and Text Analytics World running as part of Data Driven Business Week March 3-10 at the Marriott Marquis.

If you're attending, we invite you to book your appointment with a SAS expert during Predictive Analytics World to share your analytics story.

I can promise, a visit to the SAS storyboards will be a collaborative experience unlike anything else at Predictive Analytics World.  Visual practitioners will record the conversations and stories as to what's top of mind about predictive analytics and attendee's business issues in a vibrant, information-rich mix of graphics and text to create a living context for everyone's ideas and perspectives.

If you're not heading to the conference we promise to keep you in the know! Follow along as Anna Brown, Shelley Sessoms and I take you through our days while at the conference.  We will be sharing our favorite graphics, photos and stories from our conversations with attendees. Take a peek at what I'm talking about in this video, part of the SAS Power Series campaign.

We want to hear your story too, so follow me @kristinevick and keep an eye out next week to be part of the experience!


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  1. @kristinevick
    I have seen this approach used successfully in a number of environments. It's AMAZING to watch the artists tell the story with illustrations, almost as quickly as a person can speak!

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