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Data Visualization with a focus on SAS ODS Graphics
Data Visualization
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SGPLOT procedure - the basics

In this blog we will discuss many aspects of the SG Procedures.  This article will cover some basic features and workings of the SGPLOT procedure to establish a baseline. The single-cell graph is the work horse for data visualization.  From the simple bar chart to the complex patient profiles for clinical

Data Visualization
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The Power of Unicode

The Unicode character table contains a vast array of  characters and symbols that can be quite useful for making your text more descriptive in your graph. These characters can be inserted into any viewable string that you can define in the GTL or SG procedure syntax. These strings include titles,

Data Visualization
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It pays to be discrete

Often we have the need to display multiple columns of data in a graph, and we want to introduce some separation into their placement in the graph. Or, we want to display a bar chart of multiple response variables, and place the values side-by-side, like in a grouped bar chart. For both

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