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What can asset management do for utilities?

Water and wastewater treatment plants are among the most complex facilities built and maintained by utility companies, whether public or private. Each facility contains thousands of pieces of equipment worth millions of dollars that must operate in concert for the many complex treatment processes to function effectively.  The consequences of these assets

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Tower running

On September 10, 2001, I was attending a law enforcement conference in Atlantic City, NJ. While I have attended hundreds of similar meetings, this conference stands out for several reasons. First, and most obvious, it was the eve of the day where most of our lives were indelibly altered. Second,

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Procter & Gamble's Pixel Room dedicates space for analytics

There’s no shortage at SAS’ analytics conference A2011 of discussions around statistical modeling and optimization techniques. Kevin Norwood from Procter & Gamble, for example, discussed his company’s use of clustering, optimization and data visualization to answer questions like, “How do we reformulate our detergents when faced with an ingredient shortage?

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Analytics then and now

Big data problems are not new, says Vijitha Kaduwela, founder and CEO of Kavi Associates, an analytic consulting firm. The first case in point that Vijitha referenced in his talk yesterday at Analytics 2011 is a revenue generation model that he developed for United Airlines when he worked there 15 years ago.

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Live from A2011: Blockbuster or flop?

Jack Valenti, longtime president and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America, once said “No one, absolutely no one, can tell you what a movie is going to do in the marketplace… Not until that film opens in a darkened theater, and sparks fly up between the screen and

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Analytics are everywhere

We had the third episode of the SAS Power Series in New York last night. The event was very well attended—including a few meeting crashers who apparently had nothing to do with analytics, but fortunately they left early.  Jim Davis, the CMO of SAS, started the evening with a definition

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Behind the scenes with SAS customer YouSee

I want to share highlights from a different kind of day I recently had at SAS that was spent with a customer, YouSee, and thought leader James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions. We all shared a "Deep Dive Day" at SAS Headquarters here in Cary, North Carolina. Read on

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Holy analytics, Stat-Man!

Tomorrow I was going to go visit one of our insurance clients. I was really looking forward to the meeting – a chance to share experiences with a strategic analytic team. Unfortunately, I got an e-mail from the team’s administrative assistant: “I’m sorry, but so-and-so needs to cancel. An important

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Analytics gone wild?

A recent post on the International Institute for Analytics (IIA) site, Analytics Conferences Gone Wild!, is*not* about how statisticians are sexy. Yes, I'm recalling that memorable quote in the August 2009 NY Times story, "For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word: Statistics,” which included the following quote: “I keep saying that

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