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RFC Move of the Month - ROW

Looking for ways to add some variability to your routine?  Try these row options.  You can choose one or all as you focus on your back while keeping your core engaged.  The row incorporates almost every muscle involved in moving your shoulder and your elbow.  It also relies on muscles of

Work & Life at SAS
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BOSU - July Workout of the Month

Mix up your strength training routine with the RFC's Workout of the Month!  July's featured equipment is the BOSU.  The BOSU was originally created to improve athletic performance, however, it quickly entered mainstream gyms as well as rehab facilities due to it's versatility as a balance, stability, and core strength tool.

Work & Life at SAS
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Just Lift

  As a personal trainer, one of the top comments I hear from clients is that they want to “tone up.” Some even go as far to tell me which area of their body needs said toning. What they’re really saying is that they want more muscle and for that