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Analytics = SAS

Okay…I don’t usually do the rah-rah SAS stuff, but it was a really great week here and I wanted to share. The Analytic Cheerleader is getting out her pom-poms and cheering for SAS! Since I’ve been a SAS employee for exactly 3 months, I thought it was a good time

Fraud & Security Intelligence
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Keep Those Laboratories Open!

The last two years have been one long, downhill-only roller coaster ride for state and local governments. Budget crises that are the result of decreasing revenues at every level have left state legislatures, governors and local government leadership struggling to maintain effective services for their citizens and, in some cases,

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James Taylor's take on why analytics matters

Decision management expert James Taylor wins the prize for most prolific blogger from The Series. James gives us thorough summaries of great presentations on: Balancing Intuition and Analytics in Decision Making. Analytics & Innovation, Analytics in the Executive Suite. SAS Media Day customer panels on fraud detection. and optimization. By

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