Data hosting can help alleviate state, local budget crises


The shortfall in 2010 state and local government budgets is not news. But it remains the biggest issue facing state and local governments today – and will continue well into tomorrow. Existing gaps are projected to widen further in 2011, throwing departments and agencies already on the edge further into crisis.

‪But despite those dire predictions, according to a July report from INPUT, state and local government IT spending is projected to INCREASE between now and 2015. But how should those agencies spend precious dollars? There are cost-effective software investments that can show results within months.

SAS is stepping up its partnership efforts with state/local government through our hosted software solutions. By hosting the applications on their behalf, SAS can greatly improve the time to value. Hosting not only reduces time, risk and cost, it allows the department or agency to streamline their efforts by better focusing on their overall mission and function.

Our hosted government solutions are developed by the brilliant folks in the SAS Advanced Analytics Lab. They have significant expertise in all areas of state and local government – whether it’s fraud detection, health and human services, or public safety.

Examples of how SAS is partnering with state/local governments to host their data include North Carolina's integrated criminal justice system, CJLEADS, and Los Angeles County's fraud detection application.

The Advanced Analytics Lab is hard at work on several government data hosting projects. I look forward to sharing their innovative approaches to maximizing state/local investments.


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Paula Henderson

Vice President, US Government practice

As Vice President of the US Government practice at SAS, Paula Henderson is responsible for leading a team that brings the power of SAS analytics to all 15 US federal government departments, all 50 state governments, and many counties and municipalities across the US. Paula believes analytics can help government provide high-quality services, while maximizing resources and budgets, and ultimately improve the lives of citizens. By decreasing fraud, waste and abuse, improving public safety and healthcare outcomes and, most importantly, protecting children, analytics can be applied across federal, state and local agencies to make our communities better and safer places to live and do business.

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