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Today SAS joins thousands of others across the globe to celebrate the first World Statistics Day, proclaimed by the United Nations as a way to “help strengthen the awareness and trust of the public in official statistics.”

More than 85 government agencies in nearly 70 different countries around the world currently use SAS software – including 70 national statistics offices. In the U.S. alone, SAS is used by all 50 state governments, plus other governments at the local level.

Our far-reaching presence – coupled with the occasion of World Statistics Day – highlights the importance of the role that statistics can play in government organizations everywhere. Every day SAS helps improve the lives of citizens, whether it’s enhancing a town’s public safety, accurately forecasting a city’s power and water needs, or tackling fraud, waste and abuse across an entire state.

It’s my hope that governments and citizens from all corners of the globe will support World Statistics Day and celebrate the successes experienced when we put statistics into action.


About Author

Paula Henderson

Vice President, US Government practice

As Vice President of the US Government practice at SAS, Paula Henderson is responsible for leading a team that brings the power of SAS analytics to all 15 US federal government departments, all 50 state governments, and many counties and municipalities across the US. Paula believes analytics can help government provide high-quality services, while maximizing resources and budgets, and ultimately improve the lives of citizens. By decreasing fraud, waste and abuse, improving public safety and healthcare outcomes and, most importantly, protecting children, analytics can be applied across federal, state and local agencies to make our communities better and safer places to live and do business.

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