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Why accurate predictive maintenance requires digital twins

Organizations continuously search for innovative ways to optimize their operations and elevate efficiency. One promising frontier is the integration of digital twins for predictive maintenance. However, the true potential of this technology often remains untapped, with many organizations settling for what can be described as “digital shadows.” In this exploration,

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Timeless principles meet emerging trends in manufacturing for 2024

Manufacturing remains a transformative process at its core, converting raw materials into valuable products. While the fundamental essence of manufacturing has endured for centuries, the methods and technologies employed have undergone significant evolution, driven by innovation and the ever-shifting demands of consumers. As we enter 2024, the manufacturing industry is

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How accurate were our 2023 predictions in health care, technology and more?

As 2023 ends, it's important to reflect on the predictions that SAS leaders made at the beginning of the year. Let’s look at some of these predictions and see how accurate they were. We'll explore forecasts related to health care, human resources, AI, data, renewable energy and more. Let's dive

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Cinco tendencias tecnológicas para este 2023

A lo largo de 2022, el mundo siguió enfrentando un entorno cambiante dominado por altibajos económicos, una crisis energética provocada por un conflicto bélico, una cadena de suministro que se reinventa, y recuperándose de los estragos de una larga pandemia global. Al mismo tiempo, los cambios culturales, ambientales y la