The road to SAS Global Forum: A training Q&A series

Johnny Starling, SAS

Many of us here at SAS are hustling to prepare for SAS Global Forum set to begin April 18 in Las Vegas. This year’s agenda is shaping up to be a “can’t-miss” event. Monday, before SAS Global Forum begins, there are two SAS Certification testing events. Then after the conference wraps up, SAS training instructors will be offering unique, hands-on training that you won’t find anywhere else. In this Q&A series, hear from the instructors for each of the courses being offered on Thursday and Friday, April 21 and 22.

First stop is with instructor/developer Johnny Starling who has written the SAS® Data Loader for Hadoop: Essentials and SAS® Data Loader for Hadoop: Advanced Topics courses.

  1. Why should people get excited about these courses?

SAS Data Loader for Hadoop empowers business analysts and data scientists to perform self-service data integration and data quality with a simple-to-use, wizard-driven user interface without necessarily needing to know how to write native programs like HiveQL or Pig. Organizations will see an immediate return on investment by sending their existing skilled labor resources to this class.

  1. Who would get the most out of attending this course?

Business users, data scientists and SAS coders will find it easy to use, while harnessing the power of Hadoop and the SAS In-database products like SAS® Data Quality Accelerator.

  1. You’re teaching both an essentials (Thursday) and advanced (Friday) course, who should attend both and why?

SAS® Data Loader for Hadoop: Essentials provides instruction for basic data management and data quality tasks, such as bringing data into Hadoop, cleansing the data and integrating the data with other sources.

SAS® Data Loader for Hadoop: Advanced Topics delivers instruction on more advanced data management topics like transposing data, fuzzy joining data with generated match codes, and cluster-survive data.

  1. Is there a book that might benefit students who are planning to attend either class?

Yes, the SAS® and Hadoop Technology: Overview book is a terrific resource as Data Loader leverages a lot of the underlying SAS technologies covered in the book. Anyone attending one or both of these courses at SAS Global Forum will receive 40% off of the hardcopy book. Buy it or download the PDF or HTML for free!

  1. Tell us about you; is this your first SAS Global Forum or are you a veteran? What are you most looking forward to in Las Vegas?

I have only been an instructor with SAS Education for about a year, so this will be my first time attending SAS Global Forum in that capacity. During my 20 years of service at SAS, I have been to other SAS Global Forum events to demo and present SAS Data Management solutions.

I am looking forward to showing our customers an exciting new solution for managing data in Hadoop without being a programmer, regardless of the location!

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