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VirtualOil shuts in but retains forward value

Is Iran right that oil is heading for $25? Are OPEC and the International Energy Agency (IEA) right that prices will rebound later this year? The headlines suggest that, whatever the case, oil isn’t ready to recover the enormous value it has lost in recent months. With upwards of a

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VirtualOil Portfolio benchmarking and forward month analysis

How’s your oil book looking? As prices continue their decline, the industry is making rapid adjustments, including project shut-ins and corporate restructurings. With WTI at $55 per barrel and the forward price five years out hitting $66, energy firms are scrambling to lock in value while bargain hunters start to

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VirtualOil portfolio benchmarking and VaR backtesting

As a simulation exercise, SAS has created a fictitious oil portfolio, VirtualOil, which readers can use as a generic benchmark against their physical oil commodity book’s performance. Each month, we reflect on what the visual analytics can tell us about the portfolio’s movement, with additional commentary and granular chart views