Resiliency Rules

Stories about the five principles (speed and agility, innovation, equity and responsibility, data culture and literacy and curiosity) organizations need to adapt and keep pace with – or outpace – market changes.

Fraud & Security Intelligence
Stu Bradley 0
Onboarding resilience in a fraudulent world: The power of decisioning

In financial services, the onboarding journey takes on heightened significance. It’s not just about welcoming new customers—it’s about safeguarding their information, validating identity, mitigating risk, ensuring regulatory compliance, and making a great first impression. To achieve these goals, modernizing the decisioning process is crucial. In fact, decisioning lies at the

Analytics | SAS Events
Alison Bolen 0
Georgia-Pacific VP on building resilience in the era of disruption

If the last few years have taught us anything it’s this: business disruptions are not rare events. They are the norm. Today’s business leaders are grappling with logistics nightmares, economic upheaval, evolving consumer preferences, rapid technological advancements, regulatory changes, and armed conflicts. While it’s not possible to plan for every

Innovation | Predictions | SAS Events
Elaine Hamill 0
Collaborative strategies for building organizational resilience in 2024

The biggest challenges of our time won’t be solved in silos. To tackle complex problems, we’ll need ideas, perspectives, resilience and innovation rising from cross-sector collaboration and partnership. SAS recently hosted the 2023 Concordia United States Summit, a collaborative dialogue among public, private and nonprofit organizations designed to spur activities

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