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Data mining, forecasting or optimization?

What's the difference between data mining, forecasting and optimization? When should you use each technique, and how do they interact?  Jeremy TerBush, Vice President of Global Analytics, Wyndham Exchange and Rentals explains that he uses all techniques  together in an overall predictive process. "Data mining is first step in the system,"

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Business Analytics 101: Forecasting

~ Contributed by Mike Gilliland ~ If we know the future demand for our products or services, we will only invest in the resources, capacity, materials, and staffing that will most profitably satisfy that demand. But we don’t know the future, so we have to forecast…and that’s where the trouble

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Forecasting 101

Next up in the SAS Applying Business Analytics Webinar Series is Forecasting 101! This Webinar is appropriate for anyone involved in the creation, review or utilization of forecasts: demand planners and forecast analysts who generate forecasts; managers in sales, marketing, finance and operations; and executives who oversee the forecasting and

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Planning and forecasting in the air

Whether it be ash clouds, strikes or financial difficulties, the airline industry is having a turbulent time right now. When I used to live in London, I’d pass Heathrow airport regularly. On a clear day you could see at least 10 planes stacked on their approach to the runway –

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Nine common forecasting errors

Professor Paul Goodwin from the Management School at the University of Bath in England was the keynote presenter at the A2009 Analytics Conference in Copenhagen. He revealed some interesting research that he and his colleagues observed about the way companies attempt to predict the future at various points in their

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SAS and C.H. Robinson are rewriting the rules of transportation planning and management

What if you had a technology solution that creates a real-time link between the customer demand signal and what's happening on the ground? What if plans that are being steered centrally could  finally be connected to every shipping lane, while simultaneously, creating cost saving carrier adjustments? The first-of-its kind integration

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Can the artificial intelligence of things make the supply chain intelligent?

As you will have read in my last blog, businesses are demanding better outcomes, and through IoT initiatives big data is only getting bigger. This presents a clear opportunity for organisations to start thinking seriously about how to leverage analytics with their other investments. Demands on supply chains have also

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