It is difficult – one might even say impossible – to talk about partners without mentioning innovation. The two go hand in hand, which is why we regularly honor our partners who demonstrate outstanding innovation in our Excellence in Innovation Award.

This year’s winner and finalists innovated across industries and technologies, from natural resources to artificial intelligence, by applying their unique IP along with SAS® Viya® – SAS’ cloud-native AI, analytic and data management platform – to solve business challenges.

2022 Excellence in Innovation Award winner:

Accenture, “AI-Driven SAS Transformation”

Why they won: This Accenture team built an end-to-end solution using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyze customers’ SAS platforms and provide recommendations for their analytics transformation journeys, so they can implement repeatable, innovative processes and maximize the business value of data. The patent-pending solution minimizes the what-ifs many customers face and replaces them with tangible, data-based insights and analyses to drive successful business outcomes. The Accenture solution is integrated with several Accenture offerings focused on external data warehouse migrations. To see how they did it, tune in on January 24 to this live webinar with the team.

2022 Excellence in Innovation Award finalists:

Accenture, “Demand Forecasting for Oil & Gas”

Why they were a finalist: In this first-of-its-kind initiative, this group created a new, value-generating framework for a major oil and gas company by accounting for pricing changes, extreme weather, fuel substitutions, primary and secondary sales and more. Together, SAS and Accenture helped the customer utilize data and analytics to improve their forecast accuracy, delivering millions of dollars in savings, increased sales and cash flow and reduced stockouts and logistics costs. Find out how SAS and Accenture make it easier for customers to turn analytics challenges into opportunities.

Capgemini, “Developer Support Dashboard”

Why they were a finalist: Capgemini developed a monitoring dashboard for software developers to provide key insights and recommendations for client administrators to manage complex performance reporting solutions using artificial intelligence proactively. The dashboard delivers a detailed view of potential performance challenges in newly released features to streamline solution reporting and prevent time-consuming errors and pileups. Learn more about the partnership and how SAS and Capgemini are helping customers worldwide make better faster decisions.

CSM Technologies, “Mining Analytics”

Why they were a finalist: CSM Technologies designed a single-window information and communication technology (ICT) solution for a customer that connected all stakeholders of a major mines and minerals ecosystem. The solution leveraged data to enhance decision-making and improved revenue collection, speeding up permit processes and reducing revenue leakages. This isn’t the first time SAS and CSM Technologies have joined forces to transform data into insights that support intelligent decisions for business leaders.

Learn how SAS and CSM Technologies helped the Government of Odisha protect its citizens amid the COVID-19 pandemic

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