From COVID-19 vaccines, climate change, supply chain issues and everything in between, 2021 set forth a wealth of thought-provoking ideas and data-related topics for us to share with you on this blog.

Last year, SAS announced more groundbreaking partnerships and expanded upon its corporate responsibility efforts to help solve some of society’s most pressing issues. Stories that highlight the people behind the scenes and the technology at work received a lot of attention.

Now that we’ve made it to 2022, we’re revisiting some of the articles that captured your attention from last year. Continue reading to see some of our most popular stories in 2021.

COVID-19 related stories

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted traditional ways of life in 2021. Amid all of that, we created timely content to help many of our readers navigate this “new normal”.

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  • What matters now when it comes to COVID-19?: Early in the pandemic, we used this blog to offer resources for responding to COVID-19, recovering from the economic losses, and reimagining life after the pandemic. In this story, check out what some SAS experts believe are some of our most crucial priorities to help mitigate the pandemic’s long-term effects.
  • How analytics help move organizations to a ‘new normal’: As businesses deal with an altered landscape courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic, here are five industries using analytics to adjust and realign resources to meet the evolving needs of customers.
  • A deep dive into COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and the future of the pandemic: Vaccine efficacy measures how well a vaccine protects against disease. But that’s just one part of it. Dr. Meg Schaeffer details how the level of efficacy can shift amid different circumstances. Also, this story details how analytics can improve vaccine distribution and administration.

 SAS Global Forum 2021

Our second virtual user group conference was a hit. Whenever we get thousands of SAS users together to network and share - whether it's virtual or in-person - the results are extraordinary. This year, we experienced countless great moments and helped fellow users learn how to solve their most critical problems. Consider these stories:

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  • Confident humility? Learn about it: Imposter syndrome, confident humility -- and the power of knowing what you don’t know. SAS Executive Vice President and CMO Jenn Chase interviewed organizational psychologist Adam Grant on the topic.
  • Data literacy in a big data world: It has never been more important to be data literate. Whether you work with data as part of your job or simply want to navigate life in modern society, understanding the data around you can help you succeed. Revisit and learn why you should care about data literacy. Want to dive deeper? Take our data literacy essentials course for free!
  • 6 machine learning pitfalls to avoid: Sophisticated models with big data sets and powerful algorithms will always give you better results than a simpler approach – right? Not necessarily. Skip common machine learning mistakes with these tips.

 Data for good

Corporations use data and analytics to predict customer trends and behaviors, boost corporate productivity, and make evidence-based decisions.

Read even more ways SAS is using data to help humanity
Learn how SAS and Microsoft are making analytics easier to use

SAS and Microsoft’s strategic partnership turns one

In June 2020, SAS and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership, which helped launch SAS® Viya® on Microsoft Azure in Feb. 2021. That accomplishment among other milestones prompted this story which highlights six reasons why you should pay attention to the partnership between the two industry giants.

More stories that piqued your interest

  • Looking to go back to school? The ”great resignation” is underway, with the US Labor Department reporting a record number of people quitting their jobs. At the same time companies have stepped up their hiring. Amid this turnover turmoil, see how you can get certifications to possibly land your dream job.
  • Data science statistics to blow your mind: Just 10 years ago, data scientist was dubbed the sexiest job of the 21st century by Harvard Business Review. Since then, we’ve come up with 10 statistics about data scientists that might surprise you.

Before you go, revisit these data visualizations that show how people around the world divide their time among daily activities or check out this heat map that shows the frequency and intensity of Netflix streams of the popular TV show “The Office”.

What will 2022 bring? How will businesses and governments use technology such as AI, machine learning and advanced analytics models to address challenges? Look for more solution-oriented, forward-thinking content highlighting these topics and more.

What would you like to read? Leave a comment below with topics that you believe we should tackle this year.


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