Having the ability to know what the best decision is in any given scenario sounds like a superpower. What may surprise you is that this “superpower” already exists. SAS calls it intelligent decisioning.

Decisioning is a powerful tool in the business world. It is useful to both the company and the consumer because it allows insights on what customers want. Therefore, the customer not only gets their preference, but the consumer sells more as well. Companies all around the world have partnered with SAS and seen major growth by using the power of decisioning, and as businesses continue to flourish, it becomes more vital to be able to predict a wider range of customers’ needs quickly.

The right fit in all the right ways

You know Levi Strauss & Co, and at some point in your life, you maybe even owned a pair of their high-quality jeans. They are constantly aiming to adapt to meet customers’ needs and expectations, but that can be difficult with such a large, global company. To stay relevant, Levi’s must be able to analyze millions of customer demands and stay aware of current and forecasted trends of style, color and size regionally, as well as globally. Using SAS®, Levi’s can see optimized demand plans and ideal opportunities through merchandise planning, allocation and inventory management. Overall, this will lead to better customer experience, increased growth and competitive advantage.

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Modernizing consumer lending in Vietnam

As banking has modernized in Vietnam, one obstacle has been a lack of credit history for a lot of the customers at VietCredit, a finance company. This becomes problematic when such a large amount of people don’t have enough information for accurate assessments, which can mean higher interest rates, low credit scores and even denial of credit. This is not only a loss for the customers, but also for the finance company.

Using SAS® Credit Scoring and SAS® Intelligent Decisioning, VietCredit can collect and analyze information, other than the typical ways of determining credit, to get a more accurate risk assessment and understand consumer behavior patterns. This allows for quicker and smarter decisions that benefit the bank and the customer.

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IoT data and artificial intelligence reduce downtime, helps truckers keep on trucking

Sister companies, Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks, are widely used across the globe. Being an essential part of many businesses, it is mandatory that their operation runs smoothly and effectively. However, unplanned downtime can cause many problems. Thousands of dollars can be lost in a day when a truck unexpectedly breaks down and the business that needed the haul will inevitably be hurt bas well.

Using AI and analytics, AB Volvo can do preventative maintenance, use a vehicle’s time on the road more efficiently and can address more problems than they could handle prior to using SAS.

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Intelligent decisioning helps across a wide array of industries, from banking to manufacturers. It allows you to test how decisions will turn out prior to when you deploy them so you can make the best choice for the company. You can also centralize large amounts of data so you can see every part of the process. As companies grow it becomes harder and riskier to know how decisions will affect the whole organization. Making a clear, risk-free path should be of utmost importance and with intelligent decisioning, you can do exactly that.


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