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Fintech, de rivales a aliadas de los bancos tradicionales

  Hace un poco más de un lustro, cuando las Fintech –startups tecnológicas que operan en el sector financiero- comenzaron a sonar fuerte en el mercado, se creyó que eran una amenaza para el tradicional sector financiero, su modelo de negocio y las compañías que allí operaban; hoy, lejos de ser calificadas como el enemigo, se han convertido en el

Risk Management
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Digitization of risk management

Since the financial crisis, risk management in banks has grown in importance, and therefore so has the need for digitization. Regulations have called for stronger risk management of business processes. The first direct requirements for capital requirements and liquidity management were introduced in Basel III, but this has continued since.

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Was bringt die Zukunft? Auswertung von Risiko-Szenario-Pfaden

Die Abbildung einer möglichen zukünftigen Situation ist eine Kernaufgabe des Risiko-Managements. Dazu werden unterschiedlich komplexe Modelle mit möglichen Szenarien durchgerechnet. Hierbei erhält man pro Szenario und Vorhersage-Zeitpunkt ein Ergebnis. Bei mehrperiodischen Vorhersagen (z. B. bei Kredit-Portfolien oder Lebensversicherungen) gibt es pro Szenario einen Ergebnis-Pfad. Im Folgenden zeige ich, wie man mit

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Del Blockchain, el Bitcoin y las Petromonedas a la Analítica de SAS

No cabe duda que la tecnología Blockchain está llamada a ser una de las grandes revoluciones en el mundo en los próximos años. Se ha llegado a afirmar que hará por las transacciones lo que internet ha hecho por la información y las comunicaciones; va a cambiar definitivamente la forma

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Little things go a long way

In my previous post, I described a new options to control the widths of the caps for Whiskers, Error and Limit bars.  This topic could have been titled "Little things go a long way", as such details really make for a good graph. In a similar manner, another detail issue

Risk Management
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EBA Stress Testing 2018: How the inclusion of IFRS 9 is impacting the need for change to the Stress Testing Framework of Banks

A bank stress test is the analysis conducted under unfavorable economic scenarios designed to determine whether a bank has enough capital to withstand the impact of adverse developments. Especially in the years since the wake of the 2007-2008 financial crisis, it has been actively promoted by authorities and regulators as

Customer Intelligence
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How do you #RealTimeWithSAS?

The concept of real-time customer experiences has been around for a while. However, the ability to deliver real-time customer experiences had been limited until recently. Real-time experiences are progressively and significantly influencing today’s customer journeys. Tomorrow, successful customer journeys will not happen at all without them. What is the meaning

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Spark table

In the previous post, I discussed creating a 2D grid of spark lines by Year and Claim Type.  This graph was presented in the SESUG conference held last week on SAS campus in the paper ""Methods for creating Sparklines using SAS" by Rick Andrews.  This grid of sparklines was actually the

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Combat wire fraud with analytics

As the banking industry continues to combat increasing fraud challenges, payment fraud is growing exponentially. This growth stems from a shifting payment landscape with new and varied payment options. Globally, governments are introducing new initiatives like faster payments and real-time payments which compress turnaround times. These initiatives are altering the

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Spark grid

The 25th annual SESUG conference was held at in the SAS campus this week.  I had the opportunity to meet and chat with many users and attend many excellent presentations.  I will write about those that stood out (graphically) in my view. One excellent presentation was on "Methods for creating

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Legend order redux

Once in a while you run into a pesky situation that is hard to overcome without resorting to major surgery.  Such a situation occurs when you have a stacked bar chart with a discrete legend positioned vertically on the side of the graph.  A simple example is shown below. title

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Künstliche Intelligenz (KI) in der Bankbranche: Herausforderungen und Möglichkeiten (Teil 2)

Bankkunden werden auch immer anspruchsvoller. Im Zeitalter von Google, Apple, Facebook und Amazon haben wir uns daran gewöhnt, personalisierte Angebote auf Basis der von uns freiwillig zur Verfügung gestellten Daten zu erhalten. Hier ist sie wieder, unsere Chatbot-Idee aus meinem 1. Beitrag zu KI in der Bankbranche, und es gibt

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Legend items

Plot statements included in the graph definition can contribute to the legend(s).  This can happen automatically, or can be customized using the KEYLEGEND statement.  For plot statements that are classified by a group variable, all of the unique group values are displayed in the legend, along with their graphical representation

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