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The elliptical heart

Some hearts are famous. For example, there is the "Heart of Gold" (Neil Young), the "Heart of Glass" (Blondie), and the Heart of Darkness (Joseph Conrad). But have you heard of the "Heart of Ellipses"? No? Well, in 2023, Ted Conway published an amusingly titled article, "Total Ellipse of the

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Peeling a convex hull

This article looks at a geometric method for estimating the center of a multivariate point cloud. The method is known as convex-hull peeling. In two-dimensions, you can perform convex-hull peeling in SAS 9 by using the CVEXHULL function in SAS IML software. For higher dimensions, you can use the CONVEXHULL

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The geometry of Jacobi's method

A colleague remarked that my recent article about using Jacobi's iterative method for solving a linear system of equations "seems like magic." Specifically, it seems like magic that you can solve a certain class of linear systems by using only matrix multiplication. For any initial guess, the iteration converges to

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