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Last week Bruno asked about creating a Schedule Chart using SG Procedures.  To me, such projects are very interesting and challenging...How much mileage can we get out of the current set of SGPLOT procedure features to create a visual that was not part of the original requirements?

The clear choice for such a graph is the HIGHLOW plot.  I found an image of a Schedule Chart on the Web, and decided to do it using SGPLOT procedure.  Here is the data I created:

I used the HIGHLOW plot, with Y=Item, Low=Start, high=End and group=Group.  I used the MODSTYLE macro to set the group colors to the blue and gold from the image I saw on the web.  Here is the graph.  Click on the graph for a higher resolution image.

SAS 9.3 SGPLOT Code:

proc sgplot data=schedule;
  title 'Schedule for Mid-Atlantic Light Rail';
  highlow y=item low=start high=end / type=bar group=group
          groupdisplay=cluster barwidth=0.9 name='a';
  yaxis reverse display=(nolabel) grid;
  xaxis display=(nolabel) grid;
  keylegend 'a' / location=inside position=topright across=1;

At SAS9.3, HIGHLOW plot in SGPLOT procedure does not support the DataSkin option.  GTL does.  So, I simulated the drop shadow by adding a second plot with a slight offset.

With SAS 9.4, a few additional features can be used.  SAS 9.4 SGPLOT supports split Y axis tick values, and color bands.  So, I used longer Item strings with the SPLITALWAYS fit policy.  I also used the color bands option.

SAS 9.4 SGPLOT Graph:

Bruno wanted to add connections between start and end segments.  He did that using a STEP plot in a non-grouped case.  For the grouped case (like this one), I wonder if connecting line segments are important, and if they are, how should we handle the crossings over the other group values?

Full SAS 9.3 Code:  Schedule_Chart_93

Full SAS 9.4 Code:  Schedule_Chart_94



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Sanjay Matange is R&D Director in the Data Visualization Division responsible for the development and support of the ODS Graphics system, including the Graph Template Language (GTL), Statistical Graphics (SG) procedures, ODS Graphics Designer and related software. Sanjay has co-authored a book on SG Procedures with SAS/PRESS.

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  1. Jonathan Freitag on

    Sanjay, you produce a never ending stream of useful and interesting tips and graphing applications. I really appreciate and enjoy your blog.

    • Sanjay Matange
      Sanjay Matange on

      Thanks, Jonathan. Such projects are always interesting. Someone wanted to do a Radar Chart the other day. We don't have a statement but you could use Series Plot.

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