SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Hybrid marketing and analytic's last mile [Part 3]


In parts one and two of this blog series, we introduced hybrid marketing as a method that combines both direct and digital marketing capabilities while absorbing insights from machine learning. According to Daniel Newman (Futurum Research) and Wilson Raj (SAS) in the October 2019 research study Experience 2030:

“Brands must reinvent their operating models to act in the moment. They need a holistic data and technology strategy that they can individualize at scale, customer journey capabilities that can adapt in real time, and intelligent decisioning to automate the self–reinforcing cycle of tailored experiences. And that’s just today. Tomorrow’s customer journeys and personalization will be even smarter, more immersive, and more trust enabling. More customer experience initiatives will be run by AI and machine learning algorithms embedded into automated software applications.”

The question is: Are brands ready?

(Image 1: The Customer Engagement Cycle)

Part three of this series provides access to the SAS Global Forum 2020 white paper covering hybrid marketing, campaign management and actionable machine learning.

To learn more about how the SAS platform can be applied to other marketing and customer-centric use cases, check out additional posts here.


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