Lavanya Mandavilli
Test Engineer

Lavanya Mandavilli currently works in R&D to test the SAS Mobile BI app features on Android, Apple and Windows devices. She is fascinated by how mobile devices are changing the world and empowering users worldwide. She also works with the SAS Visual Analytics suite of products. Previous to this testing position, she worked for several years as a technical writer at SAS. As one of the authors for the SAS Visual Analytics Designer User Guide, she received an Award of Excellence from the Society for Technical Communication (North Carolina). At Cisco Systems, she worked for several years in various technical writing positions and as project lead for the IBM feature set in the Cisco IOS Routing Configuration Guide. At the SAS Global Forum 2016 conference in Las Vegas, Lavanya presented a paper on SAS Visual Analytics Designer and SAS Mobile BI. Previously, she has presented papers at the national conferences of the Society for Technical Communication in Seattle and Washington DC. Her favorite spot at the SAS world headquarters in Cary is the Nanatorium where she swims in the mornings. She enjoys doing yoga at the SAS yoga studio, and loves to ride her bicycle in the lovely town of Cary.

Data Visualization | Programming Tips
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Is it sensitive? Mask it with data suppression

Report data shared by educational institutions, government agencies, healthcare organizations, and human resource departments can contain sensitive or confidential data. Data in such reports are suppressed selectively to protect the identities of individuals or to prevent the report’s audience from easily inferring individual values. The Data Suppression feature in SAS

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Passcode security for SAS Mobile BI

Mobile devices travel with humans pretty much anywhere that humans want to go. Unlike desktop computers that stay fixed and grounded within brick and mortar walls, mobile devices are used in all sorts of locales – offices, homes, cars, planes, swimming pools, soccer fields, movie theaters – the list goes

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SAS Visual Analytics users view and interact with reports on their desktop computers or laptops. Many, however, have never heard of the SAS Mobile BI app or how it extends the viewing and interactive capabilities of their reports to mobile devices. SAS Mobile BI app is simple to download to