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+Alison Bolen is an editor at SAS, where she writes and edits content about analytics and emerging topics. Since starting at SAS in 1999, Alison has edited print publications, Web sites, e-newsletters, customer success stories and blogs. She has a bachelor’s degree in magazine journalism from Ohio University and a master’s degree in technical writing from North Carolina State University.

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Booth Duty: More than Just Demos

Contributed by Rick Wicklin, SAS Research Statistician Developer Last week I was a SAS consultant. Oh, not a real consultant, but for two hours in the Support and Demo room I stood under the "Analytics" sign and in front of rollshades about SAS/STAT, SAS/QC, and SAS/IML. Customers can walk up

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Improving the sasCommunity

~Contributed by Becky Graebe, SAS Communications Manager~ Did you know that you could save and export one, some or all of your keyboard macros/abbreviations in one simple operation? users do, thanks to today’s Tip of the Day, submitted by Arthur Tabachneck (better known as Art297 on the site). The

Customer Intelligence
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How to handle negativity online

"Conversations pertaining to the oil and gas industry right now are toxic, to say the least," says Blake Jackson, Social Media Coordinator for Chesapeake Energy. Blake spoke today at a Ragan communications conference hosted at SAS headquarters in Cary, NC. In an environment where conversations about the energy industry tend