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Do you remember the article, "This is your life ... with SAS" from the second quarter 2008 issue of sascom magazine? If you do, you'll remember how much information we were able to pack into two pages with the fun comic-strip format.

If you don't remember it or never saw it, you should check it out. Especially if you sometimes have to answer the question, "What is SAS?" Whether it's your in-laws, your boss or your friends who ask that question, you should print the pdf and keep copies on hand for the next time you have to answer it.

Our goal when we wrote and designed the piece was to show, at a glance, how SAS might affect the average day of an average business person.

A lot of people liked the article. Some readers even wrote emails and told us they were sharing it with friends. Based on the positive feedback and a push to raise general awareness about SAS, we decided to turn the article into an online, interactive piece that clicks through frame after frame of the same average business person's average day.

While developing the interactive piece, we replaced the original drawings with photos and videos. We also added music and a lot of extra links underneath the frames, where viewers could learn more.

After creating that piece, we wondered if we couldn't turn the Flash animations into video, so we could publish it on our SAS YouTube channel and make it easier for bloggers or Web site owners to share it on their own sites, like this:

That version is less interactive, but you can sit back and watch it at your leisure. And if you go to YouTube and view it there in high definition, the picture is even better.

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