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I'm not supposed to be writing this

I'm not supposed to be working on this blog post right now. I've stayed late at the office under the pretense of working on "the book." It's the book about creating custom tasks for SAS Enterprise Guide, and I've been working on it for quite a while. I enjoy writing

Programming Tips
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SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 is available

Shane and others have already discovered this. The new version of SAS Enterprise Guide is now available. The latest version offers tremendous enhancements for all users, especially SAS programmers. It includes a new SAS program editing environment that supports syntax suggestions and autocomplete, embedded syntax reference help, and a SAS

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Stop me before I demo again

Yesterday (Monday) was an incredibly busy day for me at SAS Global Forum. It began with a successful Technical Session where SAS R&D staffers showed off: the new features coming in SAS/STAT (with the 9.22 /nine-twenty-two/ release) SAS Enterprise Miner with the Rapid Predictive Modeler (hosted in SAS Enterprise Guide

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SAS programming for the faint of heart

When we published the first edition of SAS For Dummies a couple of years ago, we received feedback from readers around the topic of SAS programming. In the book's introduction, we stated that the book doesn't cover the SAS programming language, but that there are many other fine books that

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The Return of SAS For Dummies

Contributed by Chris Hemedinger, Senior Manager, Software Development The new edition of SAS® For Dummies® has returned from the printer, and boy, am I glad. I’m glad that it's now available, because I think it will be a good resource for people who are just getting started with using SAS

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SAS 9.2 support for Windows Server 2008

When I said the release was imminent, I wasn't kidding. It's now available. With SAS 9.2 Maintenance 2 we now have support for Windows Server 2008 (in addition to what we already had for SAS 9.1.3). This 9.2 Maintenance release also has various fixes and improvements not only to the