Where to find ODS Statistical Graphics in SAS Enterprise Guide


Yesterday I attended a virtual talk by Bob Rodriguez on his famous topic: ODS Statistical Graphics in SAS 9.2. You can learn lots of details by reading his paper. Bob's paper shows examples of the graphs you can get, how to control their appearance, and what SAS syntax to use.

The question came up: can I access these great new statistical graphs in SAS Enterprise Guide? The answer is: Yes, of course. In fact, you'll get the new graphs automatically from most of the analytical tasks within SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office. No programming necessary!

Here are the tasks that currently provide the new graphs:

Cluster Analysis One-Way ANOVA
Correlations Principal Components
Distribution Analysis Proportional Hazards
Factor Analysis t Test
Generalize Linear Models Create Time Series Data
Life Tables One-Way Frequencies
Linear Models Summary Statistics
Linear Regression Characterize Data
Logistic Regression Forecast Studio tasks (using SAS Forecast Server)
Mixed Models Capability (Histogram, etc.)

Of course, you can also use SAS Enterprise Guide to run your own SAS programs and access any of the new ODS Graphics, using the approach presented in Bob's paper.

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