SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 is available


Shane and others have already discovered this. The new version of SAS Enterprise Guide is now available.

The latest version offers tremendous enhancements for all users, especially SAS programmers. It includes a new SAS program editing environment that supports syntax suggestions and autocomplete, embedded syntax reference help, and a SAS program code formatter. The new version continues to offer the best of SAS 9.2 with more support for ODS statistical graphics, a new Scatter Plot Matrix task, Create a Format from a Data Set, and a SAS code analyzer (or as my Australian friends spell it: "analyser"). You can use SAS Enterprise Guide directly with SAS Foundation, or easily integrate with the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office (also new with 4.3) and SAS Web Report Studio. See What's New for more information!

How do you get it? You need to refresh your SAS software order and download the latest. You typically do that by talking to your SAS account representative who can make that happen.

SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 requires SAS 9.2. Technically, you can run it using any maintenance level of SAS 9.2, but the best experience will be using the latest maintenance -- Maintenance 3.


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  1. Philip Coltharp on

    I am new to SAS EG, and I use 4.2. (using windows) One annoyance I've found with 4.2 is that when you are editing names of objects like programs, notes and process flows. When editing the name of the object, the interface does not know about the popular set of shortcuts Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V , etc. (copy, paste, etc., respectively). Has this been fixed in 4.3?

  2. Chris Hemedinger on


    It's still not working the way you want it to in 4.3. I agree it can be annoying. I'll ask the development team to take a look.


  3. Philip Coltharp on

    I should also add that the annoynance is greatly out weighed by the functionality of SAS EG. thanks

  4. Dear Sir,

    I got a SAS EG 4.3 for 32bit while my machine is in 64bit.
    May I know how can I get an available version to run in my pc?


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  7. Hello,

    Could you please tell me how I can get the Software SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.3 to download or to buy?
    What is the difference please beetween SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.3 and SAS 9.3?

  8. why the right click doesnt work on opened log or even program in sas EG 4.3 unlike EG 4.1, it is very annoying if i want to switch between windows everytime i have to see the log even if there is no error in the program.
    and where can i find the option for log to see only when error occurs, i do not want to see log when there is no error.

    • Chris Hemedinger
      Chris Hemedinger on

      You can set the options to control when results appear (or don't appear) automatically. Check the Tools->Options->Results settings for the possibilities.

      By default, the log window will show when there are no other results (ODS or data), but you can set the options so that doesn't happen.

  9. hi about the previous post, i even checked the following option
    Tools --> Options --> Results --> Results General --> "Display SAS log when error occurs"
    but still i see SAS log when there is no error it is always open i cannot even close it there is no such option in SAS EG 4.3.

    • Chris Hemedinger
      Chris Hemedinger on

      Try Tools->Results->Results General -- Automatically open output data or results when generated. UNCHECK that option, and the log should stop opening automatically.

      • thanks for your quick response Chris, but still i can see log and results tab in this case which i do not want to see.
        is there any other option i can try.

        thanks again.

        • Chris Hemedinger
          Chris Hemedinger on

          Is it possible there is a WARNING in the log? If so (and if you don't want to be flagged for warnings), there is another option to suppress the warning "triangle" that appears, and might also affect this behavior for opening the log content.

  10. in the earlier than sas EG 4.3 versions, one can navigate from one code to another code using CNTRL+TAB, does anyone know any keyboard shortcut to navigate from one program to another program.
    (Note: navigate from one program to another program not program to data to log please)

    • Chris Hemedinger
      Chris Hemedinger on

      For all keyboard navigation, select Help->SAS Enterprise Guide Help, and then use the index to search for "keyboard shortcuts". There are many keys to help with shortcuts and navigation.

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