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A tale of two administrators

You are the new SAS Administrator. After the initial shock or excitement, you sit back and wonder, “What does that MEAN???” In an enterprise environment there are often divisions of duties. The SAS Intelligence Platform is no exception. Just take a look at the architecture. Just looking at this picture,

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There’s no ‘I’ in analytics

A few years ago I discussed the idea of analytic resources as ‘all-stars’ rather than ‘rock stars.’ While this previous blog certainly touched on the team aspect of analytic work, recently I’ve been thinking about just how much teamwork is required to make an analytics project successful. From extracting data,

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Hot hot heat map

Although I’m not particularly excited about football (I admit, I don’t completely understand what offside means), I did follow the last World Cup with more than average attention. Not only for the handsome players, but especially for all the fascinating statistics that appeared. It struck me that heat maps popped

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Energized about energy

I’ve been told I have rocks for brains before, but right now I have rocks on the brain – the kind that are millions of years old and contain precious stores of oil and gas. One reason I have petroleum on my mind is that I’ve just returned from Brazil, where

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You snooze, you lose.....

This was probably my favorite of the myth-busters webcasts I have been spewing about, and now I definitely want to meet James Dallas so we can discuss and nod emphatically at each other’s insights on this topic! The “You can’t have analytics without IT” myth is the fourth myth covered

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5 consejos para ayudar a las empresas a visualizar sus datos

Visual analytics es una solución, que puede impactar los resultados de una compañía independientemente del tamaño. Según Sanjeev Aggarwal, socio de la consultora tecnológica SMB Group, Visual analytics es el futuro del análisis avanzado de datos para las empresas en crecimiento. Las hojas de cálculo y las herramientas de Business

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What is a better decision worth?

The word “analytics” is widely misused and misunderstood.  While SAS arguably invented the advanced analytics and predictive analytics categories more than 38 years ago, other software vendors have used the term to describe things like reporting, monitoring, and tracking what happened.  The value of these more simple capabilities are easily

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¿Y si el gol es la estrategia?

La fiebre del mundial por estos días, ha contagiado a millones de personas en el mundo entero. El éxito inesperado de algunas selecciones de fútbol, ha contribuido en gran medida a este aumento de interés, pero también lo han hecho el alto nivel de competencia, la intensa pasión de los

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