When art and analytics collide


The best graphs are both beautiful and informative - a smooth blend of art and analytics. But more often than not, the two collide rather than blending smoothly...

Here is a link to a artistic infographic I recently saw posted by Vendavo on twitter. Their message (80% of your profit is generated by 20% of your customers) seemed 'plausible' ... but something just didn't seem quite right about their infographic. Upon closer scrutiny, I noticed that the slices in their pie charts did not seem to accurately represent the numbers (80% and 20%) in the text.

So, of course, I decided to make a SAS version that was both beautiful and informative (... with correctly sized pie slices!) Here's what I came up with, to show that an infographic can be both artistic and accurate!


Technical Details:

For most infographics, I like to use SAS' annotate feature. Annotate allows me to programmatically place custom graphics and text anywhere on the page, and do so in a data-driven way (that way, I can make sure my 80% and 20% pie slices occupy 80 and 20 percent of their respective pies, for example).

To produce the donut pies, I first created a full/solid pie of the non-slice color:


And then added a bright slice of the desired percent (with the angle calculated using a data-driven equation, of course!):


And then overlay a smaller solid pie, the same color as the background:


And, for the finishing touch, I added the text labels:



If you'd like to create a similar infographic, here's a link to the exact SAS code I used.

Now it's your turn - what's the worst clash of art and analytics you've seen? :)


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Robert Allison

The Graph Guy!

Robert has worked at SAS for over a quarter century, and his specialty is customizing graphs and maps - adding those little extra touches that help them answer your questions at a glance. His educational background is in Computer Science, and he holds a BS, MS, and PhD from NC State University.

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  1. HI there, I ran your code, parts of text "is" is cut off by the edge.
    I changed this line "goptions xpixels=600 ypixels=600; " to "goptions xpixels=800 ypixels=600;".
    Problem solved.
    Thought maybe you should know it.

    Really enjoy your post.
    Have a good weekend.

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