Analyzing 60 years of tornado data with an animation


With tornadoes in the news lately, I wondered how I might could use SAS to analyze tornado data. How about animating 60 years of tornado path data? ...

I was using Google to search for ways to analyze tornado data, and found an example on that animates the tornado path data, by month, for the last ~60 years. I thought it was very enlightening how the tornadoes consistently affected certain areas of the US during certain months of the year.

I thought "Hey, that's pretty cool! ... Let's try that with SAS!"

So, I dug up my old tornado tracking map from last year, and added just a few lines of code to use the new SAS 9.4 gif animation syntax, and added a 'by month' to my Proc Gmap ... and now I've got the desired animation!



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  1. Grant Sargent on

    Cool animation - Just curious - Is there a reason that there are lots of long lines in the map - do tornados travel hundreds of miles, or do they touch down, then disappear again? (from a land of long white clouds, not tornados)

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