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I've heard many questions during my 6 years as Sales Manager for SAS Publishing. I’ve noticed that we frequently get similar questions from customers. I’ve compiled a few of these frequently asked questions below with answers. I hope this helps. Please let us know what information would help you navigate our books.

Question: I am new to SAS. What books should I get?

Are you looking for programming in SAS or is this for general business use?


Business Users

JMP users

Question: I am looking to get SAS certified. What books do I need?

Whether you are new or experienced, these two Certification Prep Guides will get you started in your self-study.

We also highly recommend SAS Training and getting access to SAS software to learn through SAS OnDemand for Professionals, local colleges or your employer.

Question: I am looking for the software user guides.

We highly recommend the free online documentation in addition to the SAS Press books listed above. Also, the documentation is available in the software under the “tab” labeled Help. SAS Documentation online – note your choice to search by what’s new, by title, by product, by bookshelf, or by topic.

Question: Do you sell eBooks?

Yes, you can find many SAS Publishing eBooks on Amazon Kindle, iBookstore, Google play and The Nook. Look here for more information on SAS eBooks

Question: Where can I find the Example Code and Data provided in the books?

The Example Code and Data for a specific title can be found on our Author pages. Click on the author's name of your book. Then, look under the image of the book. Here you'll find the link to the Example Code and Data.

Do you have any additional questions for us?


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