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I recently spent two days with an innovative communications customer explaining exactly what SAS analytics can do to help them take their advertising platform to a whole new level. Media meets data resulting in addressable advertising.

SAS would essentially be the brain behind all their advertising decisions, helping them ingest enormous amounts of TV and digital data to create meaningful customer segments and truly targeted ads. This new analytics platform will elevate their business and position in the market.

After two days of interactive technology sessions with their Chief Data Officer, he looked at me and said, “I love SAS. You'll make me more brilliant than people think I already am.” I chuckled and thought to myself: We've done our job here!

A big part of our charter at SAS is helping organizations know how they'll benefit from analytics. At Mobile World Congress this year, I saw all sorts of analytics messages from companies I've never even heard of in my 20 years in this business. While there's suddenly tons of competition for SAS, I am delighted that analytics has come to the forefront of decision making and business transformation. Welcome to the analytics economy!

At Mobile World Congress in 2018, SAS will be presenting artificial intelligence and analytics for many areas, including network transformation, IoT, real-time customer intelligence and fraud prevention. We’ll also address how we’re helping numerous communications service providers and other organizations modernize their analytics platform for a fully connected world dependent on 5G.

So, with all the clutter in the analytics field right now, what makes SAS stand out from the rest? That answer lies in three important topics:

  • Diversity. One-trick analytics ponies won’t cut it in complex and varied data and enterprise environments. Analytics needs to flex across data, users and business problems.
  • Scale. Fragmentation in skills, technologies and data, combined with lack of standards is a big barrier to scaling analytics successfully. Add to that the need to mine massive data in real-time and, ideally, empower all your people.
  • Trust. To unlock the full potential of data, analytics must integrate and unify systems, people and processes. And this can only be achieved by effectively wrapping data, discovery and deployment of analytics into a process that accelerates each stage without compromising security and control.

Please join SAS at Mobile World Congress in Hall 6 Booth 6F61 for an exciting lineup of speakers to learn more about the analytics economy and how we can transform your organization into tomorrow’s telco!

Digital panel discussion: analytics economy in Telco

Be inspired by the experts! We'll host a digital panel discussion on Twitter on Wednesday 24th January at 6pm CET (5 pm UK, noon ET and 9 am PT). You are invited to join the discussion. Use hashtags #MWC18 #SASchat (both together) to tune in.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Q1: What does the term ‘analytics economy’ mean to you?
  • Q2: How will the telecoms ecosystem contribute to the analytics economy?
  • Q3: Which telecoms workflows do you expect to benefit most from analytics and machine learning projects?
  • Q4: How are leading telecoms players future-proofing themselves?
  • Q5: How will AI influence the telecoms customer experience journey?

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Suzanne Clayton

Principal Product Marketing Manager

Since Suzanne’s start at SAS in 1997, she has been bringing emerging and innovative solutions to the Communications, Media, Entertainment, Travel and Hospitality industries. Currently, she is Principal Product Marketing Manager for Communications, Media and Entertainment, which includes all aspects of product marketing and is a very exciting role! Suzanne gets to work with global customers and team members on addressing critical business issues. Her marketing tasks include: building out new industry specific solutions, developing new positioning, and producing assets to support SAS' sales efforts. Plus, she works with leading analysts and partners to make sure SAS industry solutions are externally supported and validated. Suzanne’s achievements at SAS include bringing the SAS® Patron Value Optimization to the gaming, sports and hospitality industries. Additionally, she was a key driver in bringing to market SAS Revenue Management Price Optimization Analytics for companies seeking a revenue optimization solution that is different than the typical off the shelf systems. Prior to joining SAS, Suzanne held positions at DMB&B and JWT in New York City, both global marketing communications companies. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Hofstra University. Suzanne lives in Cary NC. She is passionate about her family, her work and her travels, which include adventure travel.

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