Build a culture that embraces big data challenges


Big data. Streaming data. Complex data. We’ve all heard the reasons why organizations feel like they’re facing an insurmountable data challenge.

Now, it’s time to do something about it.

For the past few years, SAS has helped some of the world’s leading companies make sense of an avalanche of data. We’ve seen healthcare and life sciences organizations pool patient data to find trends to help beat cancer. Utility companies now use weather data to pinpoint areas where demand may exceed capacity. Banks analyze activity to find signs that a hacker is trying to gain access to sensitive data.

This new wave of data is causing organizations to make the most dramatic technological changes since the Internet revolution of the 1990s. Big data technologies like Hadoop are allowing you to capture and process data like never before. And a new class of data-savvy professionals, often called data scientists, need the freedom to experiment with data to find new answers to old problems.

Here’s the kicker. You have to manage all of this without disrupting your business.

How is that possible? Smart organizations are no longer viewing big data as an impediment. It's an opportunity. They are reorienting the business around data. This goes beyond technology or an org chart. This is a culture change that allows the right people to use the right technology to deliver answers.

The key to preparing your organization to capitalize on big data lies in three components.Data-discovery-deployment

  1. Data – the foundation for decisions. The data flooding your organization is complicated, fast-moving and, now with Hadoop, easy to store. It’s time to embrace all of that data to find new ways to solve problems.
  2. Discovery – the first steps toward intelligence. You have to help people explore even the biggest data sets and be creative about finding the truth hidden in the data.
  3. Deployment – turning discovery into action. What good is a discovery if it doesn’t change the way you do business? This phase takes the insights gleaned from discovery and turns them into part of your production analytics environment.

This shift in analytics requires technology for everyone who needs to make sense of data. After all, data is no longer the domain of analytics professionals. Business users, managers, IT analysts, data scientists, executives – they’re all experiencing the world of analytics. They all want to find answers. And they should have a seat at the table

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