Daniel Teachey
Managing Editor, SAS Technologies

Daniel is a member of the SAS External Communications team, and in his current role, he works closely with global marketing groups to generate content about data management, analytics and cloud computing. Prior to this, he managed marketing efforts for DataFlux, helping the company go from a niche data quality software provider to a world leader in data management solutions.

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Is there a data steward in your life?

If you’re a SAS user, no matter what your role—programmer, analyst, statistician or administrator—data is important. But I’m willing to bet that somewhere in your organization, there’s a group of people who not only care about the data—it’s their passion, their raison d’être. Whether they sit in IT or your

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Hold on to that receipt: data management inaction

I've written, talked and thought about  data management for an entire decade now. In that time, I've collected examples of how data – and the processes for managing that data – can affect our everyday life. For years I used the "Have you ever gotten multiple pieces of mail from