Data Visualization
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Should we move to Ireland?

Recently, while browsing health care data, I came across the graph shown below.  The graph includes the healthy life expectancy at birth by countries in the EU, along with the associated per capita expenditure.  The graph also shows estimate of potential gain in life expectancy by increasing expenditure efficiency. The

Data Visualization
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Likert Graph Revisited

A few weeks back I posted an article on ways to create a WindRose Graph using SGPLOT procedure.  The process is relatively simple.  Create (R, Theta) data with both numeric axes where the Theta is a value in the data range is 0-360, and R is the corresponding response value.  Then

Data Visualization
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Fun with Bar Charts

As Sheldon Cooper would say, this is the first episode of "Fun with Charts".  I did not find a cool term like "Vexillology" and "Cartography" is taken by map making, so let us go with "Chartology". Yesterday, I saw a couple of interesting bar charts as shown on the right.  I thought

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