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Recently a colleague was requested to create a bar chart showing the performance of students in a school compared to county and state wide schools.  The solution using SGPLOT was simple as shown below.

/*--Create data--*/
data school;
  input Year Group $ Value;
  format Value percent5.1;
2010 School .
2010 County 0.45
2010 State 0.42
2011 School 0.54
2011 County 0.46
2011 State 0.44

/*--Default bar labels--*/
title 'Student Performance';
proc sgplot data=school noborder;
  vbarparm category=year response=value / group=group groupdisplay=cluster
                  displaybaseline=auto datalabel dataskin=pressed;
  xaxis display=(noticks noline nolabel);
  yaxis display=(noticks nolabel noline) grid;

This works fine.  First value is missing, so bar and label are not drawn.  Note, DISPLAYBASELINE is a SAS 9.4M5 option.  If you have an earlier version, you can just remove it.

It turns out the customer wanted a "N/A" to be displayed for the missing "School" value for 2010.  Maybe the school only started in 2011.  A solution was suggested by Dan Heath for displaying "N/A" for the missing value using the DATALABEL=column option.  Create another column that contains the text strings for the values using a put statement and replace the missing value by "N/A".

/*--Create new columns Label and Value2--*/
data school2;
  set school;
  format Value2 percent5.1;
  length label $6;
  label=ifc(value, put(value, percent5.1), "N/A");
  Value2=ifn(value, value, 0);

/*--Custom bar labels--*/
title 'Student Performance';
proc sgplot data=school2 noborder;
  vbarparm category=year response=value2 / group=group groupdisplay=cluster
                  displaybaseline=auto datalabel=label nozerobars dataskin=pressed;
  xaxis display=(noticks noline nolabel);
  yaxis display=(noticks nolabel noline) grid;

However, this will not work using RESPONSE=Value.  When a value is missing, the entire bar is not drawn, including any data labels (even from a different column).  So, we need to create another column "Value2" where missing is replaced by a "zero".  Then, we can use RESPONSE=Value2 DATALABEL=Label and NOZEROBARS option to get the desired results.

Now, if you want the "N/A" to be displayed with a larger font or different color, you can use a TEXT plot overlay from another column where only the "N/A" string is present and all other observations are blank.  Then, you can set different font attributes for the TEXT plot.

SGPLOT Code:  Custom_Bar_Labels


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