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Custom Labels

Over the Christmas Holidays I saw an graph of agricultural exports to Russia in 2013.  The part that caught my eye was the upper part of the graph, showing the breakdown of the trade with Russia as a horizontal stacked bar with custom labels. The value for each region / country

Data Visualization
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Labeled curves

Often, the topic of an article is motivated by a question from a user.  A satisfactory resolution of the situation is usually a good indication of a topic that may be of interest to other users.  On such question was posed to me by a user this weekend.  He wanted to display fit

Data Visualization
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Clark Error Grid Graph

The SAS Global Forum conference last week was awesome.  From the perspective of graphics, there were more papers from uses on graphics and ODS graphics then in recent times.  I will post a summary shortly. One of the interesting papers was "#113-2013 - Creating Clark Error Grid using SAS/GRAPH and Annotate..."

Data Visualization
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A Better AE Timeline

Back in February, I posted an article on creating Adverse Event Timeline Graph.  In the SAS 9.2 version (first one), one item that was less than ideal was the way to position the AE names to the left of the event.  The AE names are displayed using the scatter plot statement

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Non-breaking space

Forest plots come in many flavors.   An example of a Forest plot using GTL is available on the SAS support web site.  Simple forest plots can also be created using SGPLOT procedure by using the SCATTER statement with MARKERCHAR to display data aligned with the plot by study names. One issue

Data Visualization
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Butterfly plots

When comparing results by category and group,  putting the items to be compared close together usually leads to a graph that is easier to decode.  Take the case of the data (simulated) shown below. Here we have population by age group and sex.  To compare the population by sex, it is

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