The Recreation & Fitness Center recognizes the health benefits that can be obtained through activities and education in the areas of fitness, competitive and recreational sports, leisure and wellness. The Center and its daily activities offer outlets for stress reduction through exercise and recreation, helping employees face each work day feeling healthy and ready to meet the challenges of their jobs.

Learn more about ways to include fitness and recreation into your work day with our posts.

Work & Life at SAS
Rebecca Allen 0
Happy Holidays from the RFC!

Staff parties, holiday treats, indoor snow days, the list of welcomed distractions continues.  This time of year is full of festivities  that call for our attention.  The choices can be daunting at times.  Sometimes they derail us from our plans and progress. What can you do to manage the madness?

Work & Life at SAS
Amanda Pack 3
A Rookie's Guide to Yoga

Happy National Yoga Month! Maybe the announcement of Yoga Month on your Facebook feed, your current training plan, or your desire for some R&R has recently sparked your interest in yoga.  Maybe you’ve been thinking about trying it out for a while, but, oye, stepping into that room with a

Work & Life at SAS
Pam Cole 0
Experience Your New Possible

I love this SAS theme.  For SAS users it hints at the power that SAS analytics provides to their businesses.  Software so amazing it has the “ability to transform what was impossible into the entirely possible”. Fitness shares that same sense of hope and inspiration.  It has the ability to

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