13 Inspirational Quotes by Leading Women Technologists


Bold. Curious. Innovative. These words capture the spirit of our talented women in technology here, at SAS. That’s why we can hardly wait for the upcoming Grace Hopper Celebration – the largest gathering of women technologists – where we’ll join around 20,000 attendees to celebrate advancing women in technology!

Much like computer scientist and United States Navy Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, who helped pave the way for women who wanted to pursue a career in STEM, our women are taking science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by storm!

People, Passion, and Purpose

In anticipation of this celebration, all the festivities, and fresh ideas ahead - we took to the streets of our SAS campus to find out why our people love what they do and ask what advice they have for other women who want to work in technology.

If you need some inspiration, or just want to get pumped up for the celebration - check out these words of wisdom:

Grace Hopper: An Inspiration for All

While Grace Hopper is an inspiration to women around the world, she’s also an inspiration to everyone. Grace Hopper said, “You don’t manage people. You manage things. You lead people.” So, with passion, tenacity, intelligence, and relentless ambition on their side, our women are ready to help lead.



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