Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Cancer


There is one thing that is consistent during this time of year – planning Breast Cancer Awareness events at SAS and throughout the community. I have a deep passion due to the family history, genetics and simply wanting to help others.  I’m also a strong believer in research, education and using complementary and alternative therapies. It makes me smile when I see studies that are also looking for ways to support and nurture the whole person. I want to share a study with you where yoga and meditation were found to help improve quality of life of individuals diagnosed with cancer.

Researchers looked at a variety of different therapies – over 80 – and found some interesting observations. Based on these particular findings, the Society for Integrative Oncology is making recommendations to help support those with breast cancer and cancer, in general. Let’s take a look.

• Utilizing music therapy to calm the central nervous system
• Practicing meditation and yoga for anxiety and stress reduction
• Improving depression with meditation and relaxation techniques including yoga and music therapy
• Receiving a massage to reduce stress and improve clarity
• Improving quality of life with yoga and meditation
• Receiving acupressure and acupuncture to help reduce nausea associated with chemotherapy

The great news is that a large majority of people with cancer (80%) use one or more alternative and integrative therapies. Now that evidence has evolved supporting these approaches, hopefully more will engage and find relief during this difficult time. Learn more!

Discover more about the practice of meditation and mindful breathing.


About Author

Celeste Cooper-Peel, MA, MCHES, E-RYT, CWHC, CYT

Wellness Manager

Celeste has been in the science, health and wellness field over twenty years. As a chemist, she conducted research which brought her into the mindset of proactive wellness and prevention. After receiving her Masters in Health Education from East Carolina University, she ventured into the mind/body world receiving training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Yoga. Shortly after, she received the 2003 Wellness in the Workplace Award for a large health system in the state of Virginia. In 2004, Celeste joined SAS Institute, Inc. and continues to be passionate about all things wellness. She enjoys collaborating with team members, teaching, presenting and nurturing healthy lifestyle changes. She believes that every day is a learning opportunity and creates opportunities that reflect active learning, being curious and forward thinking. Celeste is a published author, the wife of a fun-loving husband, mother of a college freshman, "professional" front porch meditator and loves to play in the dirt . She is a nationally Master Certified Health Education Specialist (MCHES), an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with the National Yoga Alliance, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Instructor, Certified Wellness and Health Coach (CWHC), Certified Yin-Yang Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Instructor and Certified Yoga Therapist (CYT). She has also received advanced certificates in Integrative and Functional Nutrition and additional trainings with The Institute for Functional Medicine. Follow @ccooperpeel on Twitter and Instagram.

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