Happy Global Employee Health and Fitness Month!


Each year at SAS, along with companies around the world, we celebrate health and fitness at work and this year is no exception! The Recreation and Fitness Center, Health Care Center, Work/Life Team, the Cafes, our Environmental Sustainability Team, and Research and Development Departments have teamed up to promote whole body health and fitness.  Here's a glimpse of what we're doing at SAS this month to celebrate:

  • Recreation and Fitness Center Participant Appreciation Day
  • 10 and 1 Day Clean Eating Challenges
  • Bike to Work Month Challenge, seminar, and a special breakfast for those cycling to work
  • Living Whole Heartedly: A Call To Action and SAS Life Blog Series from Work/Life
  • R&D's Life Long Learning Themed Quality Week
  • Fitness Fun Day featuring the GEHFM 5K, Food Truck Rodeo, and Zumba Street Party
  • GEHFM inspired Workout of the Month:

Personal Trainer Joey Davis designed the following Workout of the Month for Global Employee Health and Fitness Month. The moves:  a squat, row, lunge, and chest press.  Look familiar?  Yes, they should.  He combined them from this year's moves of the month and designed a workout  to target major muscle groups.  The goal is to keep moving.  With options of reps or secs, you are bound to experience the effects of time under tension!  Add this to to mix 2-3 times a week!  Technique is key to success.  Keep your spine and neck neutral.  Brace your core like you're getting ready for a karate kick!  Relax your grip consider pushing to discomfort, but steer clear of pain.  Experiment, change it up, and enjoy getting stronger!

How do you stay healthy and fit at work?

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Rebecca E. Allen is passionate about helping others develop and nurture practices of well-being.   She earned her BS in Sociology and MA in Exercise and Sport Science and holds fitness certifications from ACE, AFAA,, IFTA, and Tai Chi for Health Institute.  She is a Medical Exercise Specialist and is registered with Yoga Alliance as a 500 RYT. Rebecca enjoys long walks in the woods with her husband, Chip Davis.

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