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AI will not take our jobs nor end civilization. But it will help make better decisions.

Will the generative AI craze continue into 2024? How will it impact your industry and your role? We've pulled together experts across many industries to talk about the latest in AI - and beyond. You'll learn about convergence in the health care industry, risk in the banking industry and an expanded use of analytics for public safety. You'll also hear from SAS executives about shadow AI, multimodal AI and digital twins. And that's not all. We'll be sharing more predictions and trends into the new year, so stop back often or subscribe below to stay in the know throughout the year.

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We are entering the Dark Age of Fraud, where banks and credit unions will scramble to make up for lost time in AI adoption.

Stu Bradley, Senior Vice President of Risk, Fraud and Compliance Solutions, SAS

2024 predictions

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While new AI technologies in 2024 may cause some short-term disruptions in the job market, they will spark new jobs and new roles that will help drive economic growth.

Udo Sglavo, Vice President of Advanced Analytics, SAS

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Generative AI can do a lot of things, but it can’t do everything. In 2024, organizations will use generative AI to augment, not replace, a comprehensive AI strategy.

Bryan Harris, Chief Technology Officer, SAS

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Generative AI will augment (not replace) a comprehensive AI strategy
AI will create jobs
AI will not become human, but will help people innovate
AI will enhance responsible marketing
Financial firms will embrace AI amid a Dark Age of Fraud
Shadow AI will challenge CIOs
Multimodal AI and AI simulation will reach new frontiers
Digital-twin adoption will accelerate
Insurers will confront climate risk, aided by AI
AI will grow importance in government
Generative AI will bolster patient care
Deliberate AI deployment will make or break insurers
Modeling will put health agencies ahead of public health threats
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Industry voices

Julie Muckleroy

Global Banking Strategic Advisor

Franklin Manchester

Franklin Manchester

Global Insurance Strategic Advisor

Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer Robinson

Global Government Strategic Advisor

Kayt Leonard

Kayt Leonard

Global Health Care & Life Sciences Strategic Advisor

Glynn Newby

Glynn Newby

Global Manufacturing Marketing Manager

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Like enterprises, governments will also increasingly turn to AI and analytics to boost productivity, automate menial tasks, and mitigate talent shortages.

Reggie Townsend, Vice President of the SAS Data Ethics Practice 

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We cannot differentiate anymore whether it's written by a human or whether a picture is real or unreal. And this will proliferate in the future. This is clear.

Marisa Tschopp, human-AI interaction researcher, speaking on the Pondering AI podcast

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