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Leo Sadovy 1
How to make your pie chart worse

You have all seen, or perhaps even created, some really bad graphics: Cluttered, confusing, too small, incomprehensible. Or worse, the author may have committed one of the three unforgivable sins of data visualization by deceptively distorting a map, truncating the axis so as to misrepresent the data, or used double

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Ian Jones 2
No data scientist? No analytics platform? No problem.

“Analytics” and “data scientist” aren’t new terms, but they are trending buzzwords. The popularity of these concepts has created a false impression: Analytics are mysterious abstractions that can only be decoded if you have a white lab coat and an advanced degree in computer science. The reality couldn’t be more different.

Stuart Rose 0
No expertise required…

How many of us have used the phrases… It’s a piece of cake Anyone can do it It’s as easy as ABC I could do it with my eyes shut When it comes to business intelligence it should be “easy peasy” but for many organization it can still be a

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