Why should you use visual analytics?

Are you eager to explore and understand your data? Do you want to improve processes and drive more revenue? Do you want to work with data using an intuitive, easy-to-use interface? This is now possible with visual analytics, technology which combines analytics with interactive visualizations. As published in a recent [...]

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Father’s Day data visualization reveals…do not feed your brother cat food!

As a proud father of three young children, Father’s Day is very special to me. I pulled together some data about the holiday for a fun blog post, but with three kids it’s difficult to find time to write. Evenings end with me and my wife collapsed on the couch [...]

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Education leaders need data visualization too

Did you know that the education industry is heavily embracing data visualization to run their business? Just like any other industry, leaders in education need to understand their customers (i.e. students). They need to understand how the students are doing, how they're progressing and if intervention is needed to ensure [...]

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VirtualOil: volatility and the value of a hedge

This month we take a fresh analytical view of our hypothetical VirtualOil portfolio by comparing the forward price of WTI (the green line) to the prompt month price (red line). The resulting graphic (chart 1) demonstrates the relative stability of the 48-month forward price in contrast to a very active spot [...]

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Exploring my personal IoT data with SAS

After acquiring personal IoT data in part 1 and cleaning it up in part 2 of this series, we are now ready to explore the data with SAS Visual Analytics. Let's see which answers we can find with the help of data visualization and analytics! I followed the general exploratory workflow [...]

Data preparation and cleansing for personal analytics

In part 1 of this series we looked at how to acquire personal data from the Internet of Things for our own exploration. But we found that the data was not yet ready for analysis, as is usually the case. In this part, we will look at how we can use SAS [...]

Visualizing your personal analytics with SAS

Have you noticed how your smart phone seems to know everything about you? Where you live, where you work, and even how long your daily commute will take! A lot of that information is generated by your daily activities while using your connected devices. There is much to be found by analyzing the [...]

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May the 4th be with you (2015 edition)!

I'm a huge Star Wars fan. I got chills when I saw the trailer for The Force Awakens!  Last year for SAS Global Forum, I wrote a paper called Star Wars and the Art of Data Science.  I explored the scripts from the original Star Wars trilogy (A New Hope, [...]

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Data scientist as venture capitalist

We’ve all heard the old saw, “If you torture data long enough, eventually it will confess to something.” But when it comes to spurring real change, how about ditching the dungeon-master act and thinking like a venture capitalist instead? Wouldn’t that pay bigger dividends? That was the tip from Ravi [...]

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Data visualization before and after

A colleague and I were looking for a good example of how analysts used to use graphics to report data, a data visualization before and after, so to speak. We needed a good "before" screenshot for a “before and after” comparison for our SAS Global Forum 2015 paper, Visualizing Clinical Trial Data. [...]

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