Machine learning in action today

What's that productivity related quote by Charles Dickens? "My advice is never do tomorrow what you can do today." For years, machine learning has been written about and discussed widely with a focus on the benefits it will bring in the near future. But guess what? The future for machine learning […]

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Don’t throw away that data – it might be worth something!

We’ve all been there. You’ve knuckled down, cleaned out the garage, the attic, and that cupboard under the stairs, thrown away a ton of stuff, only to need it again the very next week. Until recently, that’s exactly what many businesses did with their data. The data explosion has radically […]

Will the IoT take us from identity to iDATAty?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to take us into the next big technology wave, which will include a massive proliferation of personal connected devices like we have never seen before – cars, toothbrushes, household appliances, watches, medical devices, bicycles, and all sorts of things on our body and in […]

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A must-read for petroleum professionals

Oil companies are being forced to explore in geologically complex and remote areas to exploit more unconventional hydrocarbon deposits.  New engineering technology has pushed the envelope of previous upstream experience.  No guidebook existed on how computing methodologies can contribute to E&P performance at reduced risk.  Until now. A new book […]

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Discover something interesting and useful: A data mining overview

A contract instructor for SAS since 1981 and an NC State University professor, David A. Dickey has a passion for statistics and sharing that passion with others. On Tuesday at SAS Global Forum he gave a general overview of data mining, touching on decision trees, regression trees, logistic regression, neural […]

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Forecasting with 15,000 variables and 7,000 models

How does a $55 billion company get a sense of its demand when it operates in virtually every market – from paint to electronics – on a global scale? That’s the question Timothy D. Rey answered during a presentation on how his company, Dow Chemical, used a data mining approach […]

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Data mining for predictive fleet management in the military

Why do military fleet managers drive everywhere looking in the rear-view mirror? Can you imagine driving your car down the freeway but navigating by only using your rear-view mirror?  In essence that’s what most military fleet managers use to manage their assets, be they tanks, trucks or aircraft.  Whatever the […]

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Building a culture of analytics one employee at a time

SAS customers are both bright and generous. Recently, I met several who gathered to discuss SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS Model Manager predictive analytics and data mining software. Hiring the best I loved listening to their discussion on what they look for and how they find the people who will […]

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Kelley Blue Book firing on all cylinders with analytics

Hear directly from an organization that is firing on all cylinders with analytics and achieving true data-driven insight in all its business areas. On Dec. 14, SAS customer Kelley Blue Book (KBB) and SAS Alliance partner Modern Analytics will share firsthand learnings during a live webinar, "Analytics – An Inside Perspective,” […]

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What skills do you need to become a data miner?

This is a question I am often asked: What skills do I need to become a good analyst or data miner? In order to become good data mining practitioner one needs to understand statistical concepts and basic principles of knowledge induction. Knowing inferential stats, t-tests, analysis of variance, regressions, and […]