New study confirms: SAS most valuable career skill

If you're looking for higher pay and better opportunities, what career skills should you seek to acquire? You might think leadership or communication skills would top the list, but a recent study says otherwise. According to a massive study from MONEY and, SAS Analytics skills are the most valuable skills to […]

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From Hackathon to Demo Day, students showcase clever solutions

When SAS Scotland gave students 48 hours to build a prototype computer system to help increase police effectiveness, nine teams accepted the challenge. The venue was the University of Glasgow's Hackathon, one of the largest student hackathons in the UK, attracting 200 attendees. SAS Scotland has co-sponsored the event for the past three […]

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The analytics-driven marketing evolution in life sciences

PharmaVOICE recently published an article: Analytics Driven Marketing for the pharmaceutical industry and I was fortunate enough to be interviewed. The article discusses the increased use of advanced analytics to make better marketing decisions, the progress that has been made and the challenges that still need to be overcome. Within […]

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The twelve days of big data analytics

On the first day of Big Data Analytics my colleagues sent to me: A data scientist discussing a decision tree On the second day of Big Data Analytics my colleagues sent to me: Two business analysts and A data scientist discussing a decision tree On the third day of Big Data Analytics my […]

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Machine learning in action today

What's that productivity related quote by Charles Dickens? "My advice is never do tomorrow what you can do today." For years, machine learning has been written about and discussed widely with a focus on the benefits it will bring in the near future. But guess what? The future for machine learning […]

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Is Data an Asset? The importance of the metaphors we use for data

The metaphors we choose to describe our data are important, for they can either open up the potential for understanding and insight, or they can limit our ability to effectively extract all the value our data may hold.  Consisting as it does of nothing but electric potentials, or variations in […]

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Don’t throw away that data – it might be worth something!

We’ve all been there. You’ve knuckled down, cleaned out the garage, the attic, and that cupboard under the stairs, thrown away a ton of stuff, only to need it again the very next week. Until recently, that’s exactly what many businesses did with their data. The data explosion has radically […]

Putting predictive analytics to work.

Insurance relies on the ability to predict future claims or loss exposure based on historical information and experience. However, insurers face an uncertain future due to spiraling operational costs, escalating regulatory pressures, increasing competition and greater customer expectations. More than ever, insurance companies need to optimize their business processes. But […]

Will the IoT take us from identity to iDATAty?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to take us into the next big technology wave, which will include a massive proliferation of personal connected devices like we have never seen before – cars, toothbrushes, household appliances, watches, medical devices, bicycles, and all sorts of things on our body and in […]

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A must-read for petroleum professionals

Oil companies are being forced to explore in geologically complex and remote areas to exploit more unconventional hydrocarbon deposits.  New engineering technology has pushed the envelope of previous upstream experience.  No guidebook existed on how computing methodologies can contribute to E&P performance at reduced risk.  Until now. A new book […]

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