Hadoop is dead! Really?

After reading Gartner's 2015 Hadoop adoption study results by Analysts Nick Heudecker and Merv Adrian, the first thing that comes to my mind is Goethe's phrase from Egmont, "Himmelhoch jauchzend, zu Tode betrübt." Translated: heavenly joy, deadly sorrow. What happened to yesterday's hype around the cute yellow elephant - which […]

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VirtualOil: volatility and the value of a hedge

This month we take a fresh analytical view of our hypothetical VirtualOil portfolio by comparing the forward price of WTI (the green line) to the prompt month price (red line). The resulting graphic (chart 1) demonstrates the relative stability of the 48-month forward price in contrast to a very active spot […]

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Want to profit from Hadoop? Consider these 4 reasons for developing a big data innovation lab

How can you use an innovation lab to be as agile and innovative as a startup? Are there different types of innovation labs and if so what is the difference? I answered these two questions in previous posts, and now I will answer a third pressing question: how can you build the business […]

Don’t throw away that data – it might be worth something!

We’ve all been there. You’ve knuckled down, cleaned out the garage, the attic, and that cupboard under the stairs, thrown away a ton of stuff, only to need it again the very next week. Until recently, that’s exactly what many businesses did with their data. The data explosion has radically […]

Early adopter bets on Hadoop maturity — and wins

Was it really just three years ago that an IT leader needed nerves of steel to commit to a business-critical application that used Hadoop? As Epsilon's VP of Products Bob Zurek can tell you: It was. While the open source big data framework was considered a huge gamble for digital marketing agency Epsilon […]

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How to be a part of the data-for-good movement

It’s an incredibly exciting time for data science. Just ask Jake Porway, former New York Times Data Scientist and now CEO of DataKind, who opened his April 28 SAS Global Forum keynote by asking busy conference goers to pause and reflect on the revolutionary times we are living in. “Cell phones […]

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Data visualization before and after

A colleague and I were looking for a good example of how analysts used to use graphics to report data, a data visualization before and after, so to speak. We needed a good "before" screenshot for a “before and after” comparison for our SAS Global Forum 2015 paper, Visualizing Clinical Trial Data. […]

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New source for manufacturing best practices

Profitable growth is at the forefront of manufacturing executives’ minds¹.  The math is simple:  increase revenue and decrease costs.  Easy, right?  Unfortunately, getting there isn't that simple.  The good news is that analytics can help.  The better news is that there’s a new place for manufacturers to discover analytic best […]

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Hoarding can lead to hidden treasures

Hoarding has a bad name. Popular TV programmes such as The Hoarder Next Door, Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder in the UK and Hoarding: Buried Alive in the US show hoarding in a very bad light. After all, why can’t they just throw away that 10-year-old newspaper? What drives the hoarders’ motivation to keep everything […]

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Oil benchmark back in the money, for now, with an eye on volatility

Oil is bouncing around the $50 range as the market adds and loses value with each new headline, from potential new Iranian exports after the nuclear talks to the slowest month of inventory builds at Cushing since Thanksgiving. The US rigcount is down nearly 23 percent year-over-year, but the rate […]

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