Work & Life at SAS

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Work & Life at SAS
Allison Lane 0
I am in awe of this place

What gives you a sense of awe? Perhaps the birth of a child.  A sunset.  A space shuttle flight. Or maybe your colleagues. Your workplace. Your company’s leadership. Here at SAS, I am in awe every day. SAS is programmers and statisticians, yes. It’s also landscapers, painters, builders, marketers, chefs,

Work & Life at SAS
Tricks or Treats

Trick or Treat! Halloween and its endless candy supply marks the beginning of a continuous stream of social gatherings, family meals, and tempting holiday foods from October to January. For many, this also means unwanted extra pounds.  However, you can still enjoy Halloween without breaking the calorie bank; you just

Work & Life at SAS
Beverly Brown 0
The dead spot on the front row

Seems I rarely write blog posts unless I'm waiting around for numbers to put in our annual financial-results announcement. Why is that? In the calm before the rush to report revenue, before the new year gets under way, I have time to think. And I start thinking about how great

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