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Analytics-powered companies finish best

I jotted down the following fact from a session yesterday at the Disney Analytics & Optimization Summit: Organizations that invest in analytics perform better in the market. That's quite an assertion. Tweetable for sure. But it was a late-afternoon presentation and I was hungry for supper. So I forgot about

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Back to basics of state budgets

The recent budget debate between President Obama and Congress reminded me of many of the discussions I observed during my years as State Controller and Deputy State Budget Officer in North Carolina.  These discussions are related specifically to principles adhered to in budget development and budget deliberations by elected officials. 

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The holy grail of pre-pay health care fraud

Everyone within the health care community recognizes that the traditional ‘pay-and-chase’ model for fraud cost reduction has some serious limitations.  Recovery of the lost funds is in some cases a mere single digit percentage point (with some exceptions – but not many) of the moneys paid.  And the effort and

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Our birthday gift to customers

A popular custom among the diminutive hobbits of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth was giving away presents on their birthdays instead of receiving them. This week, SAS toasted its birthday, celebrating 35 years as an analytic innovator, by giving its customers a gift: the latest version of SAS analytics and data management

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Same stuff, different year

Contributed by Amy Prince, SAS Marketing Operations Same stuff, different year is what comes to mind following our first Power Series session in Minneapolis earlier this month. What’s different this year? The SAS Power Series is a NEW, highly interactive, dynamic few hours designed to address some of the biggest

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How to make an impact with analytics

Contributed by Bob Messier, Senior Director of Business Analytics, SAS Last week I participated in the SAS Power Series event in Minneapolis. It included about 23-30 folks representing a broad range of industries. Analytics was the central topic of the event. What is analytics? How do you get your organization

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A future with analytic music

Contributed by Thornton May, IT Futurist On June 15, 2011 twenty plus analytic pioneers from twelve different vertical markets convened to explore the current state and future trajectory of enterprise analytics. Each participant in The SAS Power Series event brought with them intellect, energy, curiosity and a challenge. During the

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