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Our conference lineup for 2012

Here at SAS Publishing, we’ve started the new year off with a bang, particularly when it comes to conferences. We’re attending a number of new shows in addition to the usual lineup this year. Visit our booth, meet our authors, check out our new and forthcoming titles, and talk with

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What can asset management do for utilities?

Water and wastewater treatment plants are among the most complex facilities built and maintained by utility companies, whether public or private. Each facility contains thousands of pieces of equipment worth millions of dollars that must operate in concert for the many complex treatment processes to function effectively.  The consequences of these assets

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What we learned from this year’s conferences

JSM, Miami Beach, FL, July 31–August 3 Miami Beach in August is hot. Ridiculously hot. Almost as hot as our preview copies at this show. Conference goers were extremely excited about a number of our upcoming statistics titles, including Customer Segmentation and Clustering Using SAS® Enterprise Miner™, Second Edition, by

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Tower running

On September 10, 2001, I was attending a law enforcement conference in Atlantic City, NJ. While I have attended hundreds of similar meetings, this conference stands out for several reasons. First, and most obvious, it was the eve of the day where most of our lives were indelibly altered. Second,

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Procter & Gamble's Pixel Room dedicates space for analytics

There’s no shortage at SAS’ analytics conference A2011 of discussions around statistical modeling and optimization techniques. Kevin Norwood from Procter & Gamble, for example, discussed his company’s use of clustering, optimization and data visualization to answer questions like, “How do we reformulate our detergents when faced with an ingredient shortage?

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Analytics then and now

Big data problems are not new, says Vijitha Kaduwela, founder and CEO of Kavi Associates, an analytic consulting firm. The first case in point that Vijitha referenced in his talk yesterday at Analytics 2011 is a revenue generation model that he developed for United Airlines when he worked there 15 years ago.

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Live from A2011: Blockbuster or flop?

Jack Valenti, longtime president and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America, once said “No one, absolutely no one, can tell you what a movie is going to do in the marketplace… Not until that film opens in a darkened theater, and sparks fly up between the screen and

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