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SAS loves math: Kathy Lange

Math and analytics are back “in vogue,” says Kathy Lange, member of the Americas Business Analytics practice at SAS. Since she was little, Kathy has seen the world as one big math problem, and her devotion to mathematics is overwhelmingly clear in this lively interview. Read on below, and be

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SAS loves math: Joseph Pingenot

Math is a system of rules, and so is computer software, says Joseph Pingenot, a software developer in the Enterprise Miner group. Pingenot—whose background in physics includes modeling quantum wells, semiconductor research and next-generation electronics—uses math every day, at work and at home. Read on to find out how! How

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SAS author's tip: Using text mining in CRM Applications

This week's SAS author's tip comes from Randy Collica and his new book Customer Segmentation and Clustering Using SAS Enterprise Miner, Second Edition. Randy, a Senior Solutions Architect for SAS, is extremely knowledgeable and approachable. In his new book, Randy uses SAS Enterprise Miner and the most commonly available techniques for customer

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Mastering SAS Enterprise Miner

Are you struggling to master SAS Enterprise Miner? Does it feel as if there are ten duotrigintillion (i.e. a Googol) choices and options that are keeping you from making progress? Why not proceed in the same way Neanderthals consumed a mammoth; piece by piece! You first have to decide on

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Wheeling and Dealing with SAS eBooks!

contributed by Sandy Varner, SAS Publishing Operations Manager We’ve been talking a lot lately about eBooks. I hope you’ve downloaded the FREE Kindle eBook What’s New in SAS 9.3. Now, we have two more eBook deals for you from SAS Publishing – one for JMP users and one for SAS

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SAS Author's Tip: Text Mining in CRM Applications

Would you like to have a clearer understanding of your customers? If so, this week's featured SAS Author's Tip delivers the goods. SAS Press author Randy Collica is a Senior Solutions Architect for SAS and his book CRM Segmentation and Clustering: Using SAS Enterprise Miner contains a lot of how-to

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Hands-on predictive analytics

Plans are underway for a day of getting dirty with data! My SAS colleagues, Tapan Patel and Wayne Thompson, along with workshop host Dean Abbott, President of Abbott Analytics, are hosting a Hands-On Predictive Analytics Workshop on October 18th. This session is one of several workshops that kick off the

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Data Mining 101 Q&A

My colleagues Tapan Patel, Wayne Thompson & Chris Stephens hosted over 550 live attendees on June 16th for our Data Mining 101 live webinar, part 3 of the Applying Business Analytics Webinar Series. Folks joined from all over North America as well as 32 other countries around the world. Since