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금융기관 '조기경보시스템'을 위한 체크리스트!

급변하는 대외 환경 변화와 지속 가능한 성장을 위한 금융기관 조기경보시스템의 조건   최근 국내 대외 환경은 경기변동성 증가와 저성장 국면 진입의 가속화로 요약할 수 있습니다. 또한, 최근 30년을 돌아보면 ‘97년 외환 위기, ‘08년 글로벌 금융 위기와 ‘20년 COVID19 팬데믹 등 주기적인 경제위기 발생과 더불어 글로벌 경기 민감도 역시 증가한 상황입니다.

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5 proven ways to improve field quality performance

Your customers are more demanding than ever before.  Improving field quality and your customer's experience of your product is essential to staying competitive.  However, truly understanding customer experience can be a daunting task.  These recommendations have been refined and proven in dozens of manufacturers as simple ways to rapidly improve field quality performance. 1. Think big; start small.

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I hear voices... the voices of quality

Do you hear voices? I sure hope so. I’m not talking about the ones associated with psychiatric disorders or medical conditions, but the voices of quality. To compare the two for a just a moment, the medical description from HealthGrades explains that auditory hallucinations can be pleasant or threatening and

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Using analytics to detect product defects

Companies have become obsessed with product quality – and for good reason. Customer dynamics, their willingness to expose product quality issues socially on the web, and the ease with which they can jump to competitive products make quality a more important differentiator than ever before. Over the past 15 years,